A bit about us!


We are Mel, Chris, Oki and Jas - the little family that could!
I’ve been in hospitality my entire life. It took me to the Kimberleys when I finished school, where I lived for 6 years. I resided in Fitzroy Crossing (6 hours east of Broome) for the majority, but also spent time working as Food & Beverage Manager at Matso’s in Broome and Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm on the beautiful Dampier Peninsula

When I came back to Melbourne, I met my now-husband Chris and his son Oskar. We married in October 2019 and just welcomed our son Jasper to the world in June 2020.

Wholesome Foodie was always my personal Instagram handle, as I loved making and eating great food, and living a wholesome life. When we started our grazing products, it was a natural shift to attach that name to the business.

My husband Chris has a background in business and sales, so has taken the reins on the ordering and delivery processes, and together everything works seamlessly.

We love creating platters and tables for you and your loved ones, but even more so we love the smiles when people see the finished product!

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