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The ultimate Peninsula corporate partner - whether it be catering for company events with an incredible centrepiece, brunch-catering for morning meetings, or corporate gifts, Wholesome Foodie has it all covered with style.
Corporate gifts are a beautiful idea, but can often take away from business productivity with all the organisation and individual thought to make it just right for your staff member or VIP client. A boxed hamper (as pictured) is a beautiful, thoughtful gift, without having to give much thought.
Personalised branding, hand-written notes, a wide range of options and sizes, five-star reviews and a quickfire ordering process make Wholesome Foodie a no-brainer for all your gifting needs.

With COVID restrictions beginning to ease in Victoria, larger gatherings and corporate functions are beginning to become more of a reality. As such, Wholesome Foodie has the setup and staffing to ensure your display table and catering is presented to the highest of standards, and staffed to ensure your mind can be kept on the larger values and needs of your event.

For all corporate enquiries, contact Chris on 0424 075 787, or saycheese@wholesomefoodie.com.au

Some of our incredible corporate partners include:

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